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The Best New Year's Resolution Apps for 2018

Jan 03, 2018 - Comments: 0
best new year's resolution apps

AppsToLove's best new year's resolution apps.

As is the case with many of our counterparts that cover the App space every year as we start a new we look back at top lists, forward to anticipated releases and take a look at trending themes in the space. Today as we kick off 2017 here is a look at the best new year's resolution apps. Our favorites revolve around your usual types of New Year’s resolutions the apps help you: get healthy, sleep better, shape up financially – you know all the things we intend to do this month but will probably have given up on come April:

What were the 10 most downloaded apps of 2016?

Jan 02, 2017 - Comments: 0

This list of the most downloaded apps of 2016 is iOS only as was nice enough to make it cleanly available to everyone, not a lot of surprises here with media darlings like Pokemon Go, SnapChat, and Instagram dominating the top of the list:

1. Snapchat
2. Messenger
3. Pokémon GO
4. Instagram
5. Facebook
6. YouTube
7. Google Maps
8. Pandora
9. Netflix
10. Spotify Music

AppsToLove's 7 best Apps of 2016

Dec 29, 2016 - Comments: 0
best apps of 2016

An AppsToLove top list – Our 7 best Apps of 2016

1.) NPR One – I love NPR, the thoughtful well researched stories, the in-depth coverage of world and niche events, the general programming. I don’t however love the scheduling often when I am in the car I am on repeated content or perhaps driving during one of the segments I don’t care as much for Diane Rehm show. This is where the app and its massive library of content comes in – I get the NPR I like at the times I want. (Available for iOS or Android)

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best new year's resolution apps
AppsToLove's best new year's resolution apps. As is the case with many of our counter...
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