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Featured App of the Week: Waze for iOS and Android

Jul 29, 2017 - Comments: 0

Why do I love Waze? In short I drive to and from the office roughly 200 times a year which means that I spend a lot time in traffic. Waze's community of users share information on street closures, major construction work, cops, and other potential driving delays. The app then takes these suggestions and offers new driving routes to avoid the delays in real time. Waze found me a new route to work that has saved me roughly 4 minutes each way. 4 minutes may not sound like much, but think about that over the course of a year. That is 800 minutes!

The Best IPhone 6 booster battery

May 21, 2016 - Comments: 0
IPhone 6 booster battery

IPhone 6 booster battery I have owned.

iOS 9.3.2 Update is Bricking iPad Pros

May 18, 2016 - Comments: 0
iOS 9.3.2

Watch out for iOS 9.3.2 if you own an iPad Pro.

At AppsToLove we are always on the look out for App ecosystem wide news, in this case it is iOS News. The recent iOS 9.3.2 update released on May 16th has been causing users of the new iPad Pro a significant issue, as reported on twitter by numerous users once the iPad Pro is restarted post software update a non-descript hardware error code pops up and the iPad is rendered effectively useless.

Shutting Down Apps Won't Improve Iphone Battery Life

Mar 11, 2016 - Comments: 0
Improve Iphone Battery Life

I'll admit that I am apparently one of those fools that believed if I manually shut down Apps on my Iphone that I would improve my Iphone battery life. An article carried today on pretty clearly debunked that myth. In the article according to Apple software engineering VP Craig Federighi there is no benefit to going through and manually closing down Apps other than to reduce the amount of Apps you need to scroll through on the multi-tasking pane.


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