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Top three + One Gardening Apps for 2017


apps to help you garden


As we hit the first of March I have a post inspired by looking through a check list of things to do to get my yard ready for spring. We still have snow in the forecast here so it will be a little bit before I really have to worry about the growing season, but I can certainly explore some gardening apps now. Much like learning that I should remove any debris from my lawn monthly in the winter to prevent dead spots, taking a some apps for a tour this time of year and doing a little prep work for the spring now can yield results. This year I am looking forward to testing out the following apps to help me with my gardening:

1.) Garden Squared This app helps you plot a garden space out correctly so tat the right plants are next to each other and don’t inhibit each other’s growth. Having made mistakes around this before I’ll be happy to have the help this year.
2.) iScape Landscape CAD in your pocket, build design and model out any changes you want to make on your phone before lifting a shovel.
3.) Garden Answers The biggest place this app helps the novice gardener like me is with plant disease identification. Once you know what is making your plants sick you can actually treat them rather than playing guess and check.

One bonus gardening app I have really enjoyed over the past year is called LeafSnap (I don’t have the link handy but Google will get you there). The primary focus of LeafSnap is to help you identify plants on the fly. That way when you see something in another yard or the botanical gardens you like it can be easily identified, so you can research it and see if it is a good fit to plant at your home.

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