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The Top Motivational Apps That Will Inspire You in 2018

We all love to feel inspired and motivated. We usually get a serge of new motivation to be our best selves at the beginning of a new year when we are coming up with our resolutions, but what happens when we get a few months into the year and our motivation starts to dwindle? Why not let these top motivational apps help inspire you to be come the best version of You!

Inspirational Quotes Free
When you are having a tough day and need that extra something to get you going, that's where the Inspirational Quotes app can lift you up. Get a fresh quote daily as this app is updated each and every day. Each app is also accompanied by a high quality image or background so that you can save the quote as your wallpaper or share it with friends on social media.

Free. Available for Android only, but there are similar apps for iOS.

iWish - Life Goals and Bucket List
If you enjoy vision boards and goal setting, you will love this app. Create beautiful collages that help you get focused on what goals you'd like to see materialize in your life. Get inspired by their library of ideas and suggestions. Set plans and get reminders that help you stick to the targets you set for yourself. Then when you reach them, celebrate each milestone along the way. After all they say life is about the journey and not the destination.

Free. Available for both iOS and Android.

The incredibly popular series featuring the world's best and most interesting public speakers, is now in app form. View all the best, most inspiring Ted Talks straight from your phone. We love the setup of this app, because not only does it break the talks down by cool categories like jaw-dropping, ingenious, and inspiring, but it also ask you how much time you have to watch videos and it puts together a custom playlist for you! That is a very nice touch.

Free. Available for both iOS and Android.

HabitBull - Habit Tracker
Looking to break some bad habits or form new good habits? HabitBull can help you track your progress. This app operates on the principal that when starting a new habit, the more days in a row you can stick with it at the onset the more likely it will become part of your permanent regular routine. Get reminders sent to you daily. Browse their library of motivational images to help inspire you to achieve your dreams.

Free. Available for Android and iOS.

Many people already have Pinterest or are at least familiar with it. While most people see it as an app for entertainment, it can also be super inspiring and motivating. It can be fun to try a new recipe from Pinterest or try out a DIY project for the home. It is also a great tool to create vision boards that will motivate you. They have so many great photos and links to articles covering so many self-improvement topics like home organization, healthy eating, beauty, fashion, saving money, etc.

Free. Available for Android and iOS.

Let us know which of these motivational apps you decide to download and try out. Hopefully with the help of these motivational apps you will be reaching or even exceeding your goals in no time. Sometimes all you need is a little spark to inspire you to make a change!

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