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The Top Five Best iOS and Android Apps for Your Pets

We love our pets and we love to spoil them, so it should come as no surprise that now there are apps dedicated to helping us with our four legged friends. There are even apps made specifically for your pets including games, laser pointers, and apps to help you translate human speak into dog and cat noises. If you are an animal lover, you will not want to miss out on this list of the top apps for your pets.

Friskies Cat Fishing 2
This is a very cute and charming app made just for your cat. The game board features a pond with fish swimming in it. Sound is a very important element to this game too as it features bubble noises and sounds of cats meowing. The object of the game is to get your cat to bat at the fish and each time they hit a fish they earn points. The downside is the game is short lived, so you have to keep restarting it for your cat, but all in all it is a pretty adorable game.

Free and available on iOS and Android

Clicker Training
Many pet owners use the clicker training method to administer obedience training to their animals. This is a very effective and positive way to train pets. When you pet does something good, you reenforce the behavior by making the clicking noise and giving your pet a treat. Generally you purchase a clicker device that you carry around with you, but now this app eliminates this need by providing you with the noise on your smartphone. The app also has the added benefit of giving you training tips and letting you know the best ways to use the clicker.

$.99 and available for iOS

Do you try to take pictures of your pets but struggle to get them to actually look at the camera long enough to snap a good shot? If so, Barkcam is the app for you. Barkcam is a photo app designed to help you get good pictures of your pets. The app makes funny noises that get your pet's attention and gets them to look at your camera so that you can take the perfect picture. Once you snap your pet pic, you can add fun stickers and filters to complete the photo.

Free and available on iOS and Android

Let this app help you find your perfect dog! Barkbuddy features profiles of dogs available for adoption. Tell the app which dogs you love and the app's algorithm helps you find more pups that are similar so you can find the right one. Reach out to shelters directly and give them your information to initiate the adoption process. The app boasts that you will be guaranteed to find your pet match within 30 days!

Free and available on iOS and Android

Communicate with your feline using this fun and entertaining app. The app provides a wide variety of cat noises that will engage your cat and keep them entertained. The app has a soundboard that features 16 different common cat calls and enticing animal noises such as birds. 8 of the cat calls come free with the app, and the remaining 8 are provided as in app purchases.

Free and available on iOs and Android

Have you found additional apps for your pets that we missed? We'd love to hear your favorites!

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