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The Top 4 Apps for Counting Calories and Dieting

We all want to be in shape and look our best, and a huge part of that is based on what we eat. Many of us don't necessarily think about what we are eating or how many calories we are consuming. It gets even trickier to keep track of our diets when you add in other factors such as making sure you get enough nutrients or limiting how much sugar you eat, etc. Some of the best food and nutrition related apps serve as food diaries that automatically tally up our calories and other stats for us to help us see where we are going off track with our eating. The best apps for counting calories also feature huge and up to date databases of common grocery store foods as well as stats on foods at popular restaurant chains. As the old adage goes, when you know better you do better, and these apps are giving us the power to be more informed and make good choices.

Lose It
This app is the ultimate food and exercise tracker. When you first sign into the app you are asked to declare your ideal body weight and based on your height, current weight, and gender the app tells you what your daily calorie goal is. In order to meet the goal you must balance what you eat and how much exercise you do. You can also tell the app if you are wanting to reach your goal slowly over time or if you are looking to meet it in a hurry which would mean stricter guidelines. Not only does the app track calories, but it will also show you how much fat, carbs, and protein you have consumed in an easy to read pie chart format. The challenges tab of the app allows you to join other participants in reaching certain goals like no bagels or donuts in 2016 or an 100 day water challenge. When you meet your goals the app awards you with badges to give you encouragement. This is a very fun and thorough app to help you reach all your nutrition goals.

Available free for iOS and Android

mySymptoms Food and Symptom Tracker
Have you ever wondered if your diet is making you sick? Do you suspect you may have an intolerance to certain types of food, but you are aren't exactly sure which foods are the culprit? If so, this is the perfect app for you. The mySymptoms app is a food tracker with a twist. After you eat record how you feel, and if you experience any negative symptoms like nausea or fatigue keep track of it in the app. Overtime the app will chart the correlation between your foods and the symptoms you experience after eating them. It creates a very handy report that you can share with your doctor or nutritionist to help create the perfect customized food plan.

Available for $2.99 for iOS and Android

FoodPlanner App
It is argued that those that plan their meals lose more weight on average than those that do not. Which makes sense if you think about it, because planning helps you steer clear of last minute trips through the drive thru. That is why the FoodPlanner App is another app to have in your weight loss arsenal. Not only can you plan out your meals for the week with this app, but you can also store recipes. This feature alone is a true time saver, because it syncs the recipes you have in your meal plan into a grocery shopping list. That way you know exactly what to get at the store each week. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Free for iOS and Android

My Diet Coach
If you are one of those people that really benefit from one on one support and coaching but you can't afford it, this app could be a good fit for you. My Diet Coach acts as a virtual weight loss coach that gives you tips and encouragement to break through bad habits that are hindering your weight loss. In addition to the regular food and exercise diary you get with other nutrition apps, you also receive tips based on the common challenges you may be facing such as craving something sweet, or feeling too lazy or tired to exercise. You can also view personalized motivational photos that will remind you why you are dieting when temptations arise. The app will also send you notifications and reminders that are critical to your goals.

Free for iOS and Android

That concludes our list of the top apps for counting calories and dieting. Do you have any favorites that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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