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Top 10 Games for Your Android in 2015

Greetings to all our game lovers! We have some good news for you. Google released a list of the top Android games in 2015, and we have it here for you along with our synopsis. Are any of these games on your phone? Let us know your thoughts.

Challenge other players and try to grow into the biggest cell in the petrie dish by eating other cells that are smaller than you. Be careful not to be eaten by the larger cells around you. At first this game was only available for desktop, but in 2015 it became available for your phone, and it had a mighty year indeed. According to Google Play, this app has more than 50,000,000 downloads.

2. Candy Crush Soda Saga
We all know how addicting, King's mega hit Candy Crush is. King doubled-down on that game creating a spin off that is equally addicting. Soda Saga is another challenging matching game. The game features purple soda that rises as you make matches as well as gummy bears that you have to uncover or move to a certain location on the game board in order to beat the level.

3. Deer Hunter
Go on hunts around the world form Alaska to Zimbabwe seeking to find the biggest game. Collect trophies and bragging rights for your big hunts.

4. Crossy Road
This hit game is based on the question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?". In this game you help a chicken and other "mascots" cross roads, rivers, and more. Help them pass safely to get points. Don't stand idly too long or you might be snatched up by a passing eagle. Earn gold coins to unlock more mascots.

5. Archery Master 3D
Brush up on your virtual archery skills with Archery Master. This is most realistic archery game for your Android. The game features great 3D graphics. Compete to earn coins for new bows and arrows as well as other upgrades.

6. Panda Pop
Panda Pop is one of hit app developer, SGN's, most popular games to date. This is a fun and challenging matching game that tasks the user with rescuing adorable baby pandas from an evil baboon by matching and popping bubbles. Use powerup elements to help you as the levels get harder and harder.

7. Angry Birds 2
This is the sequel to the most popular gaming app of all time, Angry Birds. More slingshot action is certain in this updated version. Choose which bird to fling next!

8. Gummy Drop!
Like Candy Crush, Gummy Drop is a candy themed matching game. The game takes you around the world from city to city with travel themed game boards. Earn travel vouchers to travel to the city of your choosing. There are unique booster elements to help you as the levels get harder.

9. Minions Paradise
Have fun with the adorable and mischievous Minions. Help Phil build a Minions Paradise by partying with the Minions, customizing your own island, and exploring the island with activities such as alligator waterskiing.

10. Criminal Case
Have you always wanted to be a crime scene investigator? Well now you can with Criminal Case. This is a fun and exciting hidden object game. Gather clues to solve murder mysteries. Investigate the crime scene, be a tough interrogator when you bring in the suspect for questioning, and then analyze all your evidence to finally catch the killer.

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