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The Paid App Distribution Chronicles: Twitter

Paid App Distribution

Paid App Distribution

Paid App Distribution Channels: Twitter.

We’ve talked previously about "Paid" "Owned" and "Earned" media in the AppsToLove Developers’ Corner. Today we are looking at one specific paid media channel: Twitter?

Twitter you ask? Aren’t they in disarray? Bleeding users? Becoming Irrelevant?

While some of that is true, a lot if it is media hyperbole and disappointed Wall Streeters complaining they can’t sell the stock to buy another Bentley. Wall St. expectations and new user growth aside what Twitter does have are ~65 million core active users in the US that interact with the App almost exclusively on Smartphones and who consume media at incredible rates. Twitter also lacks the annoyingly opaque algorithms of Facebook, while providing a very good analytics suite.

So yes despite what you have heard, Twitter is a very good place to drive App installs and app engagement. What we are going to tackle today is how to do that.

Start by understanding Twitter's audience and relating it to your app to see if this is a good market. News, Celebs, fashion, food, anything constantly changing and consumable are the best verticals for Twitter App distribution. Hard core gaming? Not so much.

Now that we understand what to run in this media channel, what campaign strategy should you use? I’d recommend a 2 step approach, first Launch a test campaign with a defined budget this does not need to be around an event, release or need; the purpose of this campaign is to learn what you should be buying and become familiar with Twitter’s targeting options for Paid App Distribution. In your test campaign you will want to:

- Test each of the targeting options to see how they work.
- Select a manageable audience size that give you enough frequency to learn pricing.
- Optimize at a consistent interval, but not so frequently you muddle the data. I’d recommend once every 24 to 48 hours.
- Test at least a dozen permutations of your creative.
- Target the followers of other users, not your own.
- Spend enough to get a viable sample, you wont learn much hitting only 1% of your target.
- Play with Device and OS targeting.

Once you are through this test campaign take a couple days to digest all of the data. Focus on where you were most effective, the key to successful Paid App Distribution is always iteration. Learn where the most affordable engagements were, where you got the most clicks, which creative interacted best. Also take a look at the other side of the coin, what didn’t work. Kill the worst 50% of everything. The worst half of the creative. The most expensive targets. The lowest CTR’s. Now you are ready to launch the main campaign.

You can chose to go at it right away or wait for an event that is generating organic traffic. When you do launch the main campaign make sure some is around to watch your Twitter account. You'll want to interact with the inevitable increase in user attention. To drive more interaction try giving free usage tips from your handle and thanking people during the campaign.

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