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How to Track Instagram Followers An Appstolove App Review

How to Track Instagram Followers. An Appstolove App Review of: InsTrack

As a marketer I am always looking for more data and ways to measure what I do. To that end I was recently looking for a tool to track Instagram followers and measure my posts. My research lead me to a freemium app called InsTrack which at the free level gives you rudimentary follow/unfollow data. It also has 4 data “packs” you can bolt on for $3 each or $9.99 all at once. The packs have a number of features beyond those designed to track Instagram followers including:

- Engagement: Ghost followers (those that don’t comment/like) Admirers, most engaged followers, & top commenters.
- Media insight: The best and worst of your posts judged via likes and comments.
- History: Enables you to actively track Instagram Followers.
- Best Friends: A ranking of users and how you interact with each other.

The last of these features is in my opinion pretty useless you already know how you interact the most with, about what, and when and how you have those interactions. That said having a simple way to track Instagram Followers you are losing and gaining actively through the free app features is valuable. Eve more value to me and to other people in marketing in general is the ability to quickly and easily see which of your posts people are responding to and which they are not. This data can be leverage to help drive post creation in the future and to grow your audience weather you just want the followers, or actually need them for work. Availible on both iOS and Android I'd recommend Instrack as a lightweight way to track followers for free or if you really want the data a nice tool to measure your posts.

Photo credit to Instrack.

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