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Here are the Top Apple Apps of 2015

Top Apple Apps of 2015

2015 was a huge year for apps, but only the best of the best made Apple's list of 10 most downloaded. Did your favorites make the list? With out further a due here they are the Top Apple Apps of 2015.

Number 1: Trivia Crack
Users challenge each other with addictive trivia questions about pop culture, tv, and movies.

Number 2: Facebook Messenger
Chat with Facebook friends and now, as of 2015, have live phone calls via the app.

Number 3: Dubsmash
Lipsync to a huge library of songs, quotes, and more. Record videos of your performance and share with friends.

Number 4: Instagram
The most popular photo sharing app.

Number 5: Snapchat
Share videos and chat with friends. Create a "story" to share.

Number 6: You Tube
Everyone's favorite video sharing app now allows users to purchase an ad-free version for $9.99 per month.

Number 7: Facebook
Facebook dove into video sharing and it paid off big time. They now boast an impressive 8 billion video views daily making them a large competitor to You Tube.

Number 8: Uber
The most popular ride sharing app had a huge year in 2015.

Number 9: Crossy Road Game
This game is a true sensation racking up more than 100,000,000 downloads! Help your mascot cross the road, river, grass, and many other obstacles without dying.

Number 10: Google Maps
The most relied upon navigational app rounded out the top ten.

If you'd like to follow App anks in real-time for 2016 here are the Top Paid IOS Apps right now, and of course the Top Free IOS Apps

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