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Get Swimsuit Ready This Summer With These Workout Apps

The summer heat signals that it is time to hit the beach or the swimming pool and break out that swimsuit. We all want to look our best in swimsuits, which means more time spent working out. If your summer is full of activities and not much time for workouts, we have some apps that may be of help. Exercise on the go from anywhere with these fun and exciting new workout apps.

7 Minute Workout
This workout app is generating a lot of buzz. The app gives you simple workouts that don't require any equipment to complete them other than a chair and your own body weight. All the workouts are in 7 minute increments. If you are super pressed for time just complete one, but if you have more time you can do as many 7 minute intervals as you want. The apps shows you how to complete the moves with proper form.

Free for iOS and Android

This app is full of fun ever-changing workout routines that you can do on the go or at home. This app even includes exciting classes with celebrity trainers. For example, one current class offering is called, "Booty Burn with Victoria's Secret Model Trainer." There are tons of different workout styles and areas to target so that your workout routine never has to get dull.

Free for iOS and Android

Zombies, Run!
Zombies are such a craze right now in popular culture that they have even infiltrated the world of fitness. For those aspiring runners that need some extra motivation to get out there and jog, this is the app for you. Zombies, Run! turns your daily run into a fun game. The app allows you to choose from 200 different plot lines where you are the hero running to escape from a pack of vicious zombies that are wanting to close in on you. The app provides immersive audio and an exciting story as well as challenges that you must complete during the run to escape the flesh hungry monsters. You can also play music from your own playlists. What a creative way to workout!

Free for iOS and Android

Sworkit Personalized Workouts
Viewers of the popular show Shark Tank may recognize this app. Sworkit's goal is to be your personal trainer. It allows you to create a workout playlist based on your fitness goals. Workouts range from a few minutes up to an hour. You can focus on strength training, cardio, stretching and flexibility, or yoga and pilates.

Free for iOS and Android

Couch to 5K
There are so many unique and fun 5K races popping up across the country. If you've been wanting to participate, but you don't think you are physically up to the task then you will want to download the Couch to 5K app. As the title implies it helps motivate you to get off the couch and start training for a 5K. Get a customized training schedule. Sync up your favorite music playlists to help encourage you as you're out running. Track your progress so you'll be ready to crush the competition on race day.

Let us know if you decide to try out any of these fun workout apps. If you do, you'll be ready for swimsuit weather in no time!

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