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The Five Best Emoji Apps for the iPhone

In the digital world we have come to rely on emojis to help us say exactly what we want to say but can't with just words. That's why if you want to be a truly prolific texter you need an emoji app. There are lots of choices ranging from downright strange to oh so cute. We rounded up the top five best emoji apps for the iPhone, so that you can step up your text game in no time.

We love the Imojiapp for its amazing selection. You will find totally cool and unique emojis because users can actually upload and share their own emojis that they crafted. Load any photo and the app will turn it into your very own sticker emoji that you can text to others.

Kika Keyboard - Emoji, GIFs
Choose from 1000's of options that include emojis, stickers, and gifs that are not only applicable for texting, but can also be used in your favorite apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. Kika also supports tons of different languages so no matter what language you are trying to communicate in you will be covered. You can also grab a cool skin to customize the look of your keyboard or create one of your own.

Emoji Free – My Emoticons Art & Cool Fonts Keyboard
If you are looking for cute and adorable emojis then Emoji Free is an excellent choice. They have a wide selection of animal emojis as well as lots of cartoon images and even animations. You can change your font with this app too!

Emojiyo - Emoji Search and Theme Keyboard
If you get overwhelmed by the large amount of emojis that you have then Emojiyo maybe your app of choice. It allows you to arrange your emoji keyboard and customize it so your most used emojis can be at the top of the heap where they are the most easily accessible. If you like combining emojis you can save your favorite combos so that you can quickly use them again and again.

Keymoji : Emoji Chat
This is also a great app for those that have a lot of emojis and struggle to find the right ones. Keymoji looks at your text and suggests emojis that fit with what you are typing. Easily replace your text with the suggested emojis. If you don't like their suggestions browse for the perfect image in their vast catalog.

Now that expressing yourself with phone customizations, gifs, memes, and emojis is so common these apps are really gaining a lot of popularity. So if you want to jump on the bandwagon give one of these emoji apps a shot and let us know what you think.

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