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Featured App of the Week: Adobe Post

Ever wonder how people on social media have such spiffy and professional looking graphics? Well now you can too with the help of the app Adobe Post. With Adobe you can create beautiful images with just a few taps on your phone. Select a photo from your camera roll or choose a pre-designed template to "remix" into your own creation. Adobe Post also features an extensive library of stock art.

When you first open the app you are presented with many different designs ranging from categories such as seasonal, arts and crafts, food, business and much more. There is also a large plus sign that you press to upload your own image to style. Once you have your image, Adobe Post will automatically put a text box over it with font that you can edit by double tapping on it. Then you are presented with lots of cool artistic fonts and tons of colors that Adobe has automatically selected to compliment your photo. If you need to insert shapes or additional text boxes you can do that too. Once you are done you can save the image to your camera roll, email it to yourself, or load it right to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

I have used Adobe Post several times at this point, and I have to say I am pretty impressed with it. It truly does make creating graphics extremely easy for a non-graphic designer like myself. I love the font and color selections. The templates they have are really nice and useful. They also have high quality photo filters that I can apply to my photos. The only thing I don't like is that they add a small #AdobePost watermark to the bottom of your photos. I haven't figured out how to remove that within the app, but I have removed it or covered it in Photoshop on my computer. I would absolutely recommend this app though. It provides the value and quality that I've come to expect from Adobe products. It is also very intuitive to use. If you work with social media for a living this app is going to be a major time saver for you. I've created several beautiful images for Pinterest and Facebook, and I will continue to use it in the future. Nice job Adobe!

Adobe Post is only available for iOS devices at this time. It is a free app.

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