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Farm Heroes Saga Vs. Farm Heroes Super Saga

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If you are a fan of Farm Heroes Saga by King, you will be excited to know that there is now a spinoff version available with new features and challenges called Farm Heroes Super Saga. You may be asking yourself is it really worth having both versions of the game on your phone. Having enjoyed the Candy Crush spinoff, Candy Crush Soda Saga, just as much as the original, I figured that the new Farm Heroes game would be worthwhile. Turns out I was right. In full disclosure I am a fan of King's games, and Farm Heroes is indeed one of my favorites that I have been hooked on since it came out. I am always excited to see a new version of an old favorite come out so I may be a bit biased. However with that being said, here are things that are brand new and exciting in Farm Heroes Super Saga vs. the original Farm Heroes Saga.

The Wind
One of the biggest new challenges in Super Saga is the introduction of a new pesky element, the wind. In levels with the wind, the cropsies on the board will shift in the direction in which you make the match. This makes it trickier to calculate moves in your head and strategize, because new cropsies will get blown onto the board or existing cropsies will get pushed up higher on the board shaking things up.

Super Cropsies
Points are still of the utmost importance in the new version of Farm Heroes, because you are still required to collect a certain number of cropsies to beat the level. However now you can create super cropsies, which are worth higher point values when matched. You achieve this by matching 4 cropsies in a square shape. Many levels require you to collect a certain number of super cropsies.

A Squirrel and a Nut
In these levels you have to unite Fidget the squirrel with a nut by moving them next to each other with either the help or hindrance of the wind. All the while you must still continue to match a certain mixture of additional cropsies to beat the level.

A Goat and Hay
In addition to the wind and nut levels, you will also have to battle through the goat levels. In these levels you must coerce Darwin the goat to eat hay by leading him to the proper row. Once you do that, making a match in that row pushes the goat into gear and it will proceed to eat all the hay in that row.

Boss Mode
Like in the original Farm Heroes game, Rancid the Raccoon is still the villain of the game. However, Boss mode is new to Farm Heroes Super Saga. At random Rancid will show up in a level and start leaving garbage on the game board and you have to make matches near the garbage to clear it and throw it back at him. Eventually after getting hit by enough garbage, Rancid will admit defeat and leave the game board.

The Country Show
One of the coolest new things about this spinoff is that there is more interaction and competition with other players. Not only does it have the leaderboard to show your scores in comparison to other players, but this time you can actually directly compete against other players to see who can create the largest cropsie in the Country Show. Each week players get automatically entered into the show. You get the week to build the most humongous cropsie possible. You grow your cropsie by playing the game and doing well at it, because the better you do the more stars your earn. The stars you earn are what feeds your cropsie and helps it grow. So why do you even want to place high in the Country Show besides pure bragging rights? Well, the better you do in the show the more coins you earn which you can use to get access to boosters.

New Boosters
Unlike the original Farm Heroes, boosters do not regenerate each day automatically. In this version boosters are either purchased or earned with coins from the Country Show. Farm Heroes Super Saga also uses entirely new boosters including a basket, a glove, and a watering can. The basket collects all cropsies of one type. The glove can collect one cropsie, break a piece of ice, or grow a flower one stage. Lastly, the watering can turns a cropsie into a super cropsie making it worth an additional 5 points.

Those are the most significant changes in the Farm Heroes Super Saga game. Let us know if you decide to give it a shot and which version you like better. If you'd like to download it now and give it a whirl you can click the links below to check them out in the appropriate app store for your device. Farm Heroes Super Saga is free to download for both device types via the app store links below.

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