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Depop For iOS and Android: Buy and Sell Second Hand Fashion, Accessories, Books, and More

If you love shopping and the thrill of the hunt you will love the Depop app by Garage. Depop allows you to sell and purchase second hand clothing, accessories, artwork, vintage goods, books, and more! Clothing and fashion accessories dominate the app, but makeup and other beauty products are quickly becoming popular on there as well.

There are many fun elements to shopping on Depop. For example, some sellers on the app are open to swaps. Swaps allow you to trade an item for another item in a seller’s shop instead of buying it outright. Also, let’s say you have had your eye on a specific product and are hoping to find it on Depop. In this case, some users have taken to creating their own ISO lists, short for “in search of.” These are detailed lists of items they are looking to buy. Sellers can comment or message the person if they have something for sale that is on that list.

The selection on Depop is skewed towards young, trendy items. Popular brands on the site include fast fashion favorites like Forever 21, H&M, and Zara. However you can also find items from more premium brands like Free People, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, etc.

Like all shopping sites and apps, users can review their experience with people in the marketplace both as a buyer or seller. That way you know if the person you are doing business with is trustworthy. When you select an item to buy you’ll be given the option to pay with PayPal or some sellers are willing to meet with you locally if you live in the same city. I’ve purchased a few items so far, and I have had great experiences receiving my items in a timely manner. All the people I’ve purchased from have gone above and beyond by including nice notes or bonus gifts in my packages to add that extra special touch!

If you plan to sell on the app, photo quality is very important. You’ll take the photos right from your phone, and the app will allow you to apply photo filters just like Instagram. Also like Instagram, you will be prompted to add tags to your items. Lots of tags! The tags are what will allow you to come up in the search function. If Depop likes your photos you will possibly be featured on their explore page which is basically a long scrolling Pinterest-like page with items for sale. If you don’t get seen on the explore page, the shopper has to find you through search tags. If they follow your store your new items will appear in their feed when they first open the Depop app. For these reasons, tags and followers are both very important to your store’s success.

If you like shopping second hand or if you want to sell some of your items, give Depop a try. I think you will be pleased with the app. Right now it is available for iOS and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is also available for Android.

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