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Biggest new app releases to watch for in 2016

As we close out the second month of 2016 there has been a lot of talk about what new app releases we can expect over the rest of the year and what releases that have already occurred will be the most popular. At AppsToLove we see three games coming to app form as the likely biggest performers in the paid App space.

1.) Pokemon Go – Seemingly delayed, although right on schedule if you as Niantic who recently confirmed they will begin field tests in Japan for this app. If we are lucky we’ll soon be “Discovering Pokemon in the real world” that is if the releases continue according to plan.
2.) Assassins Creed Chronicles – Assassins creed has long been one of the top console gaming franchises and expectations are huge for its release on to smart phone platforms, this game should look to be one of the biggest apps paid or not of 2016.
3.) Prison Architect – This app is a little more under the radar than those above. It doesn’t have a super bowl commercial broadcasting it to the world, or the brand cachet of Assassins Creed behind it. What it does have is very true to life game play and a history of similar success in the Sims style segment.

So there you have it, our predicted top 3 new app releases to watch for during the rest of 2016. What are some of the apps you are most looking forward to?

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