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The Best Traditional Board Game Apps for Your Phone

If you are like me, you grew up playing board games. I used to love them and would be so excited when my family planned a game night. I recently discovered that many of these traditional board games are available as mobile apps. This discovery made me very nostalgic, and I decided to do a search for board game apps to see exactly which games were available for my phone. I of course had to share my findings with our readers, so here I present my list of the best traditional board game apps.

Arguably the most iconic board game of all time is Monopoly. So it is only fitting that there would be a version available for the phone. This game has fun graphics featuring the traditional Monopoly game board and property cards. Play against the computer for real estate domination.

$1.99 for Android and $.99 for iOS

The Game of Life
The Game of Life was another favorite of mine growing up. My favorite part of the game is where you would get to pick your career and house. The mobile version of this game brings all those fun memories right back. This is a 3-D game allowing you to cruise down the road of life in a more fun and interactive manner than when you play the physical board game. Play with friends or against the computer.

$1.09 for Android and $.99 for iOS

Trivial Pursuit & Friends
My favorite trivia game growing up was the classic, Trivial Pursuit. The mobile version is a must have app for any trivia lover. There are 1000's of challenging questions and the game can be played in a variety of modes. The game also has a community feature where you can compete against other players and share your progress. You can also create your own questions to stump other players.

Free for Android and iOS

Everyone's favorite word game of all time is Scrabble and it is now available in app form. Play against friends or instant opponents that the app finds for you. You can even play against the computer to practice and improve your skills. Show off your scores on social media and brag to all your friends. There is also a pretty cool new feature called teacher that tells you what your best letter combination would have been after each turn. To top it off there is a built in Scrabble dictionary to help you out when needed.

Free for Android and iOS

Well, that concludes our list of the top board game apps. Hopefully they will be just like you remembered them from childhood but even better!

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