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The Best Recipe and Cooking Apps for Novices

Apps are very useful in the kitchen. As a novice cook, I rely on recipes almost all the time. That is why I love to use cooking apps. Plus sometimes it is difficult to think of new, creative meals to cook. I know I get into a rut sometimes making the same repertoire of meals week after week. However, after discovering cooking apps I've been inspired to expand my horizons. Here are some awesome cooking apps that I think will help inspire you to break out of your cooking rut too.

If you are a cooking newbie this app is a dream. Not only does it provide recipes but it also provides guided audio directions and videos. Plus the video and audio instructions have timers to give you enough time to complete the steps before the next step is given. That way you don't have to touch your phone to pause and unpause the instructions while your hands are covered in food. If you have food allergies or are sticking to a certain diet, this app can help you out as well by allowing you to search for recipies by dietary restrictions.

Available for free for iOS and Android

Recipe Book
If you like to find recipes based on what you have in your fridge and cupboards, Recipe Book is a fun app to experiment with. Select a few ingredients you have and then shake your phone. The app will show you the best recipes that you can make with those items. If you like more exotic cuisine from around the world Recipe Book has you covered with meals from around the world. They also have great meal ideas for holidays and special occasions.

Available for free for Android

I love Yummly, because they aggregate the best recipes from the top recipe sites and food blogs. You can save your favorites to your recipe box and easily incorporate all the ingredients into your grocery shopping list. In select cities you can even have those ingredients and your entire grocery shopping list delivered right to your house in an hour. It couldn't get easier unless they came to your house and cooked your meal for you.

Available for free for iOS and Android

EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry
When you are looking to eat healthy and improve your lifestyle, the EatingWell app is very handy. Sometimes it seems quicker and easier to grab some fast food or an unhealthy snack, but the meals on EatingWell are specifically designed to be both quick and easy. Many of the recipes only take 15 minutes to make. In addition, you'll get the full nutrition facts for each meal on the app.

Available for free for iOS and Android

The Betty Crocker Cookbook
Betty Crocker has been a trusted source for recipes for decades. I have always enjoyed my vintage copy of one of their cookbooks, so I was excited to discover this app. There are more than 15,000 recipes in this app. Save and share your favorites. When cooking with the app you can set it to cook mode which locks the screen, so that it doesn't keep going dark while you are working. You can also keep track of ingredients you have already added by pressing on each ingredient in the list to check it off. The app also gives you substitution ideas if you are avoiding certain ingredients.

Available for free for iOS and Android

If you don't want to dedicate space on your phone for a cooking app, you can also give the Pinterest app a try. I love browsing the food pins on there, and I have given several recipes a try. Did your favorite cooking apps make the list? If not, let me know which ones you love.

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