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The Best New Year's Resolution Apps for 2018

best new year's resolution apps

best new year's resolution apps

best new year's resolution apps

AppsToLove's best new year's resolution apps.

As is the case with many of our counterparts that cover the App space every year as we start a new we look back at top lists, forward to anticipated releases and take a look at trending themes in the space. Today as we kick off 2017 here is a look at the best new year's resolution apps. Our favorites revolve around your usual types of New Year’s resolutions the apps help you: get healthy, sleep better, shape up financially – you know all the things we intend to do this month but will probably have given up on come April:

Apps to Improve your health:
1.) Nike Run Club – A.I. meets, apps & nagging. Nike Run club can tailor its recommendations for your workouts to your specific goals, helping you get into a routine without over taxing your body and causing injury. This is a great place to start if a simple run is how you plan to climb your fitness mountain.
2.) MyFitnessPal – Perhaps the most ubiquitous fitness app, my fitness pal not only helps you track exercise is has a upc code scanner to help you monitor food intake and slim down even faster.
3.) Sleepfulness – As the name implies this app will help you sleep better. It does this by tracking your sleep patterns, providing relaxing background sounds, and tailored packages($$) for things like insomnia or anxiety.

Apps to manage stress:
1.) Headspace – Meditation is a great way to relive stress and improve your focus. Headspace takes a guided approach to helping you better and more consistently meditate. This is a paid app but with it's social interaction and buddy system it will keep you more accountable than the free competitors out there.
2.) Pacifica – Soothing music, breathing, and relaxation exercises are all included in this app focused on helping you to isolate and address things that stress you out.

Apps to shape up financially:
1.) Wealthfront – One of the original “robo advisers” and most prolific Facebook advertisers you’ll see. Wealthfront helps you invest cleanly and easily in the markets without the outrageous fees charged by traditional financial institutions. The money you save on those fees will nearly equal the difference in returns (most of the time) which makes it a great place to get started investing and improving your financial health.
2.) Acorns – I really like acorns it causes me to save when I otherwise wouldn’t. The app does so by rounding off purchases and dumping them in an investment of my choosing. Its really simple and really easy. The only major complaint I have is that it is debit card only so I cant tether it to my credit card which I use for most purchases.

So there you have it: sleep better, get wealthier, and be less stressed; all with the power of our best new year's resolution Apps.

best new year's resolution apps
AppsToLove's best new year's resolution apps. As is the case with many of our counter...
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