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AppsToLove's 7 best Apps of 2016

best apps of 2016

best apps of 2016

best apps of 2016

An AppsToLove top list – Our 7 best Apps of 2016

1.) NPR One – I love NPR, the thoughtful well researched stories, the in-depth coverage of world and niche events, the general programming. I don’t however love the scheduling often when I am in the car I am on repeated content or perhaps driving during one of the segments I don’t care as much for Diane Rehm show. This is where the app and its massive library of content comes in – I get the NPR I like at the times I want. (Available for iOS or Android)

2.) Telegram – with all of the buzz around security, hacking, people intercepting messages, etc. a more secure messaging app was on my list of upgrades this year. I love telegram for the self-destruct feature, the cost savings over text messages and the alert features. Messaging apps need to be seamless and easy to use, this along with added security earns telegram a spot on our list for the best apps of 2016.

3.) Pix – A bit of a downer in that it is iOS only, but with that said it will make you look like a photography rock star. It does so by layering AI over your typical camera, adjust for the best possible shot, then shooting a burst of photos and giving you the best one.

4.) Venmo - For the older among us we might think well what do I need another payment app for? Or really a payment app at all? It is undeniably easier to handle things through the phone without cash and without math once you get used to it. Many of us have touched PayPal – this is what PayPal should be.

5.) SnapChat – admittedly not an App I use but it has been the breakout star of social media this year and any best apps of 2016 list simply wouldn’t be complete without it.

6.) Pokemon Go – I know, I Know; it is a game it had a fad like explosion and it didn’t really stick, not to mention it was purely an entertainment play. With that said though – this is the early stages of virtual reality when history looks back this fad will be a note in how VR began to be adopted.

7.) Prisma - another App that hit the ground running and garnered a space on our list of the best 2016 apps is Prisma – if you spend any time on social media you saw the heavily stylized cartoon like product this app is well known for. That however isn’t the reason it made the list – like its competitor Pix above the early adoption of AI into our lives is what makes these significant and worthy of inclusion in our best apps of 2016 list.

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