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Apple iOS 9.2.1 is Released

Apple iOS 9.2.1 is finally here after being released with little promotion late last night. As a reminder it has been in beta since the first half of December. This release was primarily designed to address a number of lingering issues that apple custom lumps together under the very non-descript “bug fixes.” Here is what we know so far:

- The battery percentage bug reported by iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users is…..still not fixed.
- Fixes the bug that caused app downloads to stop short of completion
- There is still no jailbreak for this version of iOS you’ll have to back date if you want to do that.

Clearly this isn’t everything contained in the update but considering the biggest issue wasn’t addressed it is easy to skip over the small stuff. Let us know if we missed anything good and we’ll add it to the list and credit you.

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