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App of the Week: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Rock Clock

One thing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is never lacking is motivation and drive. He credits his hugely successful career to being willing to outwork his competition with an unyielding focus on any goal he sets his mind to. While you may know him for his wrestling and acting career, you may not know that he is now adding app developer to his resume. The Rock just released a new alarm clock app called Rock Clock which is designed to motive you to get out of bed and revved up to "crush" your goals. The app is completely free and available for both iOS and Android.

When you first download the app you are prompted to enter at least one goal into the app. This can be an open ended goal or it can be for a short finite amount of time. Next, set what time you want to wake up, and this is where the choices get interesting. As you set your alarm you can choose to be on "Rock Time" which means that your alarm is synced to his and you will get a wake up call at the same time he wakes up. Given that he boasts that he gets up as early as 4 am each morning, you may want to skip that option and set your own wake up time. Next select your alarm ring tone. All the 25 ring tones were created by The Rock and they have his signature brand all over them including wrestling catchphrase laced tones, him serenading you with his rendition of "Good Morning Sunshine", his dog barking, shredding electric guitars, and much more. And if that is not enough Rock for you, there is a video message from him that gets updated as often as he wants.

I have to admit that although I think Rock Clock is gimmicky and silly to say the least, I do find it to be pretty amusing and fun to use. The ring tones do make me laugh, and I definitely enjoy them more than the usual bland ring tones you get with most alarm clocks. The video message I viewed was fun as well featuring him and a friend hanging out while the friend freestyles a motivational wake-up rap. As charming as the app is, I get the feeling that not many of those who download the app will stick with it and incorporate it into their daily routines. In order for the app to function as an alarm clock you have to set it to "sleep mode" each night and be sure to keep the app up and running all through the night. The goal tracking component doesn't seems to be very robust. It looks like all you can do is set the goal and then check it off as complete when you are done, without any progress tracking in between. It would be nice to be able to track my progress each day in some way. If you want you can share the accomplishment on social media. The Rock says that he can see your goals and whether or not you complete them, which adds a fun element for those that are big fans of his.

All in all, I like the Rock Clock app. Seeing somebody with a lot of motivation, drive, and enthusiasm can be a useful aid in getting yourself motivated, and having written out your goals somewhere and setting a deadline might provide that little bit of accountability that might push you to actually achieve it. Like anything else, those with the tenacity to stick with it will reap the most benefits.

*Rock Clock Photo Credit: Google Play

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