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3 iOS Dating Apps You Haven't Heard of Yet

If you are burnt out on trying to find love on the typical dating apps, we have you covered. There are all sorts of app developers trying to come up with the next big dating app and some of their ideas are actually pretty cool. We put together this list of the top 3 iOS dating apps that we think sound the most unique and fun.


The Grouper app sets up a night out for drinks between two sets of friends. You choose two friends or "wingmen or wingwomen" to bring on the date with you. Each person pays a cover charge which is around $17 for each scheduled Grouper date. The $17 pays for Grouper to arrange the date, and you also get your first drink free. Currently Grouper is only available in select cities, but it is expanding into other cities as demand dictates. We thought this was a really fun and unique way to meet new people, while having the added comfort of having two friends along for the night.


Is music a dealbreaker for you in any relationship? If so, Tastebuds is here to help. Simply load your music library to the app or answer questions about your musical taste, and Tastebuds will show you people that live in your area that have the same taste in jams. We love this idea because right away you know you have something in common with your matches and it gives you the perfect icebreaker to start a conversation. Plus meeting up at a concert is a pretty great first date.

The Catch

This app is dedicated to helping ladies find a quality match, not just quantity. Gone are the pervy messages from random guys. This app puts women in the driver seat by allowing them to invite matches into a fun dating q&a game where they get to ask the men questions of their choosing. The questions are not canned either. The women are tasked with coming up with all the questions on their own ranging from serious topics that are important to them or funny light hearted questions. Once the woman selects the winner, they get to chat more and decide if they'd like to meet in person. We love this idea because the game can really bring people out of their shell and break the ice in a fun way. Plus the competition encourages the men to bring their a-game and share their sense of humor.

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